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Strengthen your immune system


Make your nervous system more resilient


Without medication or doctor, stimulate your body's self-protection and self-healing capacity


Follow my training on video for about 10 minutes a day



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by Dr Eric Graf

The Swiss expert in Japanese Yoga and motivation

Is it for you?

If you want to strengthen yourself without forcing AND at the same time feel better and more aware, you are in the right place!

Tired of stress and negativity?

Eliminate stress, negative thoughts and emotions. Replace them with well-being and positive energy!

10' of daily exercises

Take care of yourself every day. Strengthen your respiratory, immune and nervous systems.

Backache, headache?

With simple and accessible exercises, eliminate various back pains, headaches, etc.

Serenity and awareness

Various meditations combined with breathings, vibrations or visualizations will bring you calmness and perspective.


Dr Eric Graf

The Swiss expert in Japanese Yoga and motivation

"From A Young Age, I Have Dedicated Myself To Acquiring Knowledge And Going Deep Into All I Learn To Achieve Excellence. Today My Passion Is To Share With Our Students Our Knowledge In Akido, Yoga And Meditation, Teaching Them Strength And Wisdom For A Better Life."

Eric Graf holds a doctor in statistics-mathematics, he is 5th black belt in Aikido and has dedicated himself to Japanese yoga for more than 20 years. He is the author of several books published in different languages. He lives with his wife and three children teaching these disciplines, all focused on personal development, in his centers in Switzerland in Neuchâtel and Biel. He also regularly teaches seminars in Switzerland and Europe.

What benefits have others gained through Japanese yoga practice

Claire de Montmollin,

70 years old 

"My medical checks indicated that all of my health indicators have improved, I attribute this to Japanese Yoga."

Luis Alejandro Siegrist, 

engineer, 34 years old 

"My practice of Japanese Yoga allowed me to get out of 15 years of asthma crises"

Tomasz Kopiejć, 47 years old, Senior Java Architect & Aikido teacher

"At first these exercises seemed to bring nothing to me, but after a while I felt that my spine was working better, I feel better overall."

Cyril Babando, 28 years old, lawyer

"The coaching of Eric & Sonja Graf based on Japanese yoga allowed me to sleep better, to be in control and 200% concentrated, to pass my 3 days of bar exams."

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